Azores Square Absorber - von Artnovion

Infinite Possibilities
The Azores Range represents freedom. Freedom to create. Freedom to play. Freedom to design your perfect acoustic treatment. The Range of 7 shapes and 21 Colours was conceived to unleash your inner creatively - throughout Walls, ceilings and clouds. The azores range is universally compatible - and compatible with the rest of the Artnovion range. Azores is designed to treat first reflections, or to get the perfect RT in your space. With fully mechanical, adjustable fixing systems - creating your dream environment has never been easier.

Artnovion Azores Square Absorber

Absorption range: 350 Hz to 3150 Hz.
Fire rate classification:
FR+| Euro Class B s2 d0; Class 1 BS(UK)
Material: Fabric FR++ | Polyurethane foam
Fixing System: Mechanical or Chemical

Square | 595x595x35mm
Rectangular | 1190xx595x35mm
Double Square | 1190x1190x35mm


The Azores Range Creative Freedom

The Azores range is equipped with a universal fixing system.
Each panel has strategically placed threaded inserts, compatible with all M6 accessories - from bolts and threaded bar to hooks and wire tensioners.
This revolutionary system also allows to pre-join panel arrays, for fast, precise installation.

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