SE-FTS Antivibrationssystem Schwimmestrich

… elastic support for floating floors

For floating floors, the product has a central channel so it can be secured with a washer and screw. It is the only isolator on the market with these features and is highly effective thanks to its four supports, that guarantee a secure fixing to the ground, improving its performance at low frequencies.

It is highly recommended solution in order to reduce vibrations produced by airborne and impact noise. Elastic bases and wall isolators are essential in order to reduce the vibrations produced at medium and low frequencies.

SE-FTS Antivibrationssystem Schwimmestrich
Reference: TS-150 V
  • Megol:Green | Max. Load: 150 Kg


Reference: TS-280 A
  • Megol:Blue | Max. Load: 280 Kg


Reference: TS-400
  • Megol:Red | Max. Load: 400 Kg

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