Sonitus 6 Strip Absorber - Inhalt: 2 Stck. (3 Farben)

Sonitus Absorber 6STRIP

Absorber made from solid Oak wood with velvet coated highest quality polyester foam. Its main purpose is to absorb mid to high frequencies, but beside that the 6 strip also spreads high frequencies on a 1D diffusor principle. With combining the mounting direction, you will get a multi direction sound spreading.

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Sonitus 6 Strip Absorber - Inhalt: 2 Stck. (3 Farben)
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 7 cm
  • Dimension tolerance: 0,2%
  • Material: Velvet coated USAP* foam, Solid Oak wood
  • Colors: Natural Oak, Oak in Ebony, Oak in Mahagony
  • Product Weight: 3,2 kg
  • Package: 2 pcs
  • Mounting profiles included

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